Saturday, November 13, 2010

Caps lose 3-2 in OT in Buffalo

 Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images
I have to apologise, I was hiking in the back country of West Virginia on the high peaks today. Staying at Canaan Valley Resort & Conference Center and we did not get the game up here. We tracked on line, and listened to the OT. Caps get caught in a line change and Buffalo capitalises and wins their first game on home ice. The Caps winning streak is stopped at 6 games.  At least the Caps got a point out of it. I kind of had a bad feeling about this when I saw that the Caps scored first. I mean, that is not like the Caps. In fact I said to David, when we looked at the score and saw the Caps scored first, that... "were going to lose". And we did.  I wish I could bring you more coverage, but alas we are on a weekend getaway amongst the Red Spruce trees, White Tailed Deer, and Black Bears in the highland wilderness of the beautiful West Virginia.  Left: Ex Cap Mike Grier and Steve Montador celebrate Buffalo's goal in the second period.  Oh well, at least the Caps got a point.  Good Night from the beautiful Canaan Valley Resort, Davis, West Virginia.


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Which team is the Capitals biggest threat in the Southeast division this season?