Thursday, May 7, 2009

Capitals, In An All To Familiar Script, Fall to the Penguins



Capitals lead series 2-1

No apologies here, you are being fore warned now that this write up is going to be weak. Once again, the Capitals found themselves up 2 games to 0 going into tonight's game 3 of the NHL's Stanley Cup Palyoff, Eastern Conference Semi Final series VS the Pittsburgh Penguins. Once again, the Capitals allowed the opposition to get right back into the series, and find themselves asking the same old questions that dogged the Caps of playoffs long gone by. The ringing echos of those old ghosts of "choking dogs" past, suddenly, and once again, have some creedence, and some life yet still, here. However, there are some differences between those times, and now. First and foremost, this still, in spite of the result, is a diffferent team than those of "choking dogs" past. This team has something special, something no one can put a finger on. Yes they have that "Superstar Player" they were always lacking in the past, but this time, there is just something different.

The Capitals did not play that great of a game tonight. the Penguins did. Both teams played like their lives were on the line at times, and for the Capitals, that very well may have been the case, if the past is to live up to hits own history. But it was ultimately the Penguins who played with more desperation, and got the goal when it counted most. It should also be noted the the Capitals were given only 2 power place, the the Pens 7, 1 of which was in over time. Suffice it to say, the officiating could have been more even, but that is still no excuse.

Somehow, I personally feel that it wont. When the Pittsburgh Penguins scored in overtime to send the Caps to their first defeat this series, and unlike those series past where the Caps were up by 2 only to ultimately surrender the series, a sudden calm came over me. As the Pens fans roared and cheered their team, I slowly bowed my head and thought..." this is ok... this is fine, this is right this time". I can not explain this difference in my personal reaction this time, but there is just something there. Some gut feeling that this team, this time, is just somehow different. The Caps, in spite of this defeat, somehow, will just find the way. I wish I had some answer for you as to why this feeling came over me, and why I feel this is just different this time, but I dont. I just have this gut feeling, it just is. The other thing that almost immediately came to mind tonight as the Pens were celebrating their glorious, come from behind, over time victory, was that little song I mentioned in the previous post. You know the one, the one that has the line... "Don't Stop.. Believein"...

So, with that I will let sleeping dogs lie tonight. There will be no game write up, no links, no photos, no names mentioned, no blame, no exulation. In stead, I will follow my heart, and my gut, and believe what, I somehow, STILL believe... and that is... that the Caps will find a way. Somehow, some way, the Caps will overcome this. The Caps will come back, and.. the Caps will ultimately use this experience to propel them on to win this series. Maybe I am living in a fantasy world, but I have seen this same thing unfold time and time again. However, as I said before, this time, it is different. With that, I congratulate the Pens on their win, and I bid you all good night, and as I lay my head down to sleep this all off there is still that one little line stuck deep in the recesses of my mind. Yet, somehow, I can still here it clear as day...

"Don't Stop... Believein"



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Which team is the Capitals biggest threat in the Southeast division this season?