Friday, May 1, 2009

You Be The Judge: Brashear gets 5 games, should Brown get 5 as well?

In tonights game one of the Anaheim Ducks / Detroit Red Wings NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, Western Conference semi final, Mike Brown of the Ducks leveled a crushing hit up high to the Red Wings Jiri Hudler at 11:29 of the 1st period. Brown was assessed a 5 minute major for interferance, and a game misconduct.(ejection) Brown came in late, well after Hudler at passed the puck away. Hudler suffered severe cuts to his head, which appeared to be caused by his helmet, and bled profusely. Hudler did however return to the game after recieving 10 stiches.

Last week in game 6 of the Washington Capitals / New York Rangers NHL Eastern Conference quater final series the Caps Donald Brashear leveled a hit on the Rangers Blair Betts that was almost identical in nature to the hit in tonights Ducks / Wings game. The NHL suspended Brashear for 5 games for the hit. Betts suffered a broken orbital bone, and did not return for the series.

I am posting video footage of both hits, and you can decide for yourself. It is my opinion that the hit Brown leveled tonight was almost no different than the one Brashear leveled last week. It is also my opinon that the NHL should suspend Brown for 5 games as well. While the injuries sustained were different, and the players leveling the hits may have somewhat different reputations, the NHL needs to show consistency here if they are going to attempt to take these kinds of hits out of the game of hockey. I should also qualify here, that it is also my opinion, that both hits were not "dirty" in nature. They may have been somewhat late, but neither were inherently "dirty".

S, you be the judge. Should the NHL suspend Brown as well, and if so, for how long? Here are the videos of each hit. Leave your comments with what you think.

Brown on Hudler:

Brashear on Betts:

Please leave your comments with what you think?


Blazing Moon said...

wow, he deserves at least 5 games for that. Brash's hit on Betts looked way more innocent than that!! Let's be equal, no, Mr. Campbell!

Anonymous said...

I think the Brash hit should have gotten less games. The hit was dirty but their wasn't any blood. Then the Brown hit where he took a cheap shot and drew blood because I think the stick was involved. It just seemed like their was intent to injure.

KJ said...

I sure would just like some consistency from the NHL is all. I don't think either hit should be worthy of any suspension. Oh well, the NHL has "Spoken" on both, and I disagree with their punishment of Brashear, and their non punishment of Brown, but only because of the perceived precedent set by the punishment handed out to Brashear.

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